Unfinished/Failed Projects

Ghost Bastard

A murdered man, now Ghost Bastard, teams up with a washed up medium, Casey Stone to avenge his death.
(With Thomas Conaghan)

Zombie Noir

Ed Madunn is haunted with troubling visions from past experiences as he tries to fight his way through an undead populated Birmingham to save his loved ones.
Starring Vianney Lawlor

Dead Man's Shoes in 60 seconds

Didn't short list pfft

Doritos Cat

For Dortios ad competition, was robbed again.


  1. Ghost Bastard isn't failed, it's a work in progress i still like to think. Got more location ideas now anyway. Needs more bad effects.

  2. alright tom didnt see your comment! Nah it's not failed just unfinished. Yes more bad effects stop motion plasticine


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