We are Birmingham Proposal Draft

I have been developing a collaborative video project titled “Ham Moostache” with performer Vianney Lawlor for over a year now. “Ham Moostache” is a look into the desires of the flesh using absurd and surreal ideas. Using a surrealist film making style I can suggest perverse ideas in a darkly humorous way. I intend to use the gallery space to produce three “Ham Portals” sculptures where the viewer places their heads into a hole then views the shortened “Ham Moostache” videos played on television screens, the televisions will be on top of a plinth inside the portals.
As well as the screens playing the videos there will be different sets as you enter the hole, such as snowy, grimy and technological locations. Much like Marcell Duchamp’s Etant Donnés” I will use found objects such as twigs, leaves and other natural elements to create a sense that you are entering into a different reality from the gallery space you are in at that moment.

The Ham Portals will look fleshy and organic at the same time, it will be a pinkish colour and the texture will look like meat, it will be organic as it would form like mould spreading across the gallery space. As well as this I would like to have leaflets on a table in the gallery space with surreal poetry which partly explains “Ham Moostache” and is partly a parody of the surrealist manifesto.
For the opening night I have acquired the local DJ’s “Beast Rave” to create an almost spaced out atmosphere, a limbo state of repetition while awaiting to arrive into the new dimension through the fleshy portals.

Dimensions, of the Ham Portals would be around 7-10ft by 4-5ft it would be made using wire mesh stretching out and creating the hole, then plastered and covered in papier mache, and will use soft plastics to get the soft meat look to it, I will also add twigs and leaves painted in pink and skin colour tones.