Reticon Krimson City

Krimson City is now called Krimsonton a Lord of the Rings style fantasy set in the East Middlelands in a 1940s era. Full of shifty detectives, revolvers, magic, elves, femme fatals, dragons and monsters. Wrapped into a mishmash of sorcery meets technology.

To fit the 100 plus characters invented throughout the years from the Krimson City universe into a live action dark comedy; me, Vianney and Liam are writing and staring as the occupants of Krimsonton.
The story starts off with three flat mates discovering a Jumanji meets Quantum Leap board game. When, after a marathon of candlelit Scrabble, they finally play the game they are transported into the dark and mystical world of East Middlelands and into Krimsonton. As they are transported they are transformed into one of the board games avatars. Each episodes they are transformed into a different character as they play the deadly, surreal and disgusting game of Krimsonton.
Plan to make 4 webisodes, each one combining Krimsonton with familiar games such as Scrabble, Cluedo, Monolopy and others.
At the pre-production stages for a while (doing this for serious) With making the board game, costumes, making the monsters, writing the script getting people involved etc...