Dr Xenon Mystic Psychiatrist Premiere night!

The air was cold, cold to the bone. But did I shiver and shake, no - for I was ready… ready for the premier. The Premier of Dr Xenon Mystic Psychiatrist.

The idea was originally conceived way back in 2011, riffing on the character Dr Strange meets Hulk, with Xenon meaning strange/foreign. Unfortunately, I did not have the budget back then, but I easily raised the 35 pounds I needed to produce the paper mache effects I could only dream about six years ago.
Dr Xenon Mystic Psychiatrist follows a young woman, Penelope (played by Glides own Alice Kennedy), who is haunted in her dreams from an aggressively doting manager, Ms Langston. Having seen an advert for a local Mystical Psychiatrist she takes action and requests the help of Dr Xenon through dream therapy. As Dr Xenon is known for giving your nightmares… NIGHTMARES.
         The premier was a great success with audience satisfaction at 88%.